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Order of the Orthodox Hospitallers
Providing medical help for numerous countries including Romania

The Order was formed in 1972 with permission of President Archbishop Makarios of Cyprus. It provided aid impartially to both sides during the Turkish invasion of Cyprus.
In 1992 the order began to transfer aid, mostly medical, to Russia and in 1995 a new constitution was registered with the Charity Commssion.

The objects are:
1. To relieve poverty, human suffering and distress through a diaconal ministry of service as commanded by the Gospel (Matthew 25, 31-46: James 1, 27) and promulgated by St Basil the Great of Caesarea and St John the Almsgiver of Alexandria.
2. To advance Christian religion especially that of the Orthodox Churches.
3. To advance education under the aegis of Christian religion.
4. and general charitable purposes 'for the glory of God and the good of mankind'as the motto of the Order proclaims.

"Today Orthodox people cannot carry out mission only by celebrating the Liturgy. We need to rediscover philanthropia as a part or as a fruit of the Liturgy"

The Order regularly sends consignments of a wide variety of medical aid to many parts of Eastern Europe.

Michael Rye


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