Gift Aid Tax Software for British charities

As this software relates to UK Tax Recoveries this page is only applicable to UK registered charities

The British Government changed the system for Gift Aid and covenants in 2000, so here is the software for the current arrangements for making your charity tax recoveries

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For charities working with very large numbers of declarations (house to house envelope collections, sponsored events, etc.) we have produced GATS Bulk

Are you running a sponsored event, but don't want to do the paperwork involved in Gift Aid on all the sponsors' pledges? Have a look at our GASP Gift Aid on Sponsorships Processing Service, which will do all the work for you.

"Please find enclosed our order for GATSBULK. We've been very pleased with the Gift Aid system and would be grateful if you will keep us informed of significant upgrades." A Children's Hospice
"Many thanks for emailing the software out last Friday. Excellent little program and one that will save us a lot of time. Thanks for the good service." A Church Treasurer

"I use both GATS and GATSBULK in my capacity as Accountant for a Children's Hospice and as Treasurer for my local church. I have found both systems excellent and very easy to use. They have certainly simplified the recovery of tax enormously....I am pleased that you are inviting suggestions from customers and I hope my contribution has been helpful. As I have already said, I am very happy with your systems and I think they are a great credit to Cleaford Services - well done."
"All charities should think seriously about a computerised Gift Aid system.............There are Gift Aid computer packages on the market. The quality in some cases is suspect but there are good systems available. In particular, any charity thinking of installing Gift Aid software should give serious consideration to the GATS software produced by Cleaford Services. Charity clients of my firm who are using this package speak highly of it. It is user friendly and maintains all the necessary records. The company are providing first class support ...." Chartered Accountant who writes on Charity financial matters

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Download full details of GATS 3 and an Order Form

30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied for any reason

Gift Aid for The Cleaford Christian Trust
Internet Shopping facilities

GATS 3 runs under Windows (from Win98 to XP) and is sold with a single user Equinox license.
Users of GATS 2 (which is no longer supported) who wish to transfer to Win XP need to upgrade to GATS 3.

A bit of background...

Built using Equinox from

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Our list of over 400 customers includes churches & cathedrals, and charities working in childcare, opera, animals, health, Romania, bible, air ambulance, orphans, conference centres, hospices, youth, Rotary, theatre, Cambodia, blind, RSPCA, Historic Churches Preservation, Scouts, etc.

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