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For years we have been working with our associated charity The Cleaford Christian Trust selling home-made DVDs of school Christmas productions to the parents of the performers as a fundraiser for a charity that the school wishes to support. In other cases funds are raised for the school itself.
We find that young actors rise to the occasion if they know they are being filmed for a good cause, and the parents love to have a copy for the family records.
As a result of our experience we are set up for duplication of DVDs at economical prices, and we can guide you with the correct paperwork.

Our regular DVD copying services

[We have special services and confidential arrangements for GPs who require consultation videos for RCGP and/or COGPED Summative Assessment purposes.]
Visit our special GP page on our other site.

It you have not done this before this is how it works:-

1. Get a parent to video the performance (we have technical hints and tips, learned though our experience of many years, further down this page)

2. Decide on a price for the DVDs - in our experience £8 or £10 is acceptable (perhaps £6 for a shorter Leavers' Assembly), depending on the length and quality of the performance.

3. Produce an order form. If you have charitable status you can treat part of the price as a Gift Aid donation (the rules are on the HMRC site). and we can supply a draft form with the correct wording for Gift Aid.

4. Put the video onto a DVD, or leave it on the camera tape, and send it to us as a ‘master copy’, with a note of the number of DVD copies required and the text to be printed on the DVD face, and we will send these back to you with our invoice.

5. If you are not set up for Gift Aid administration buy a copy of our GATS 3 Gift Aid Tax Software and process your claim, which adds 28p in the pound to the donation.

6. Either you can collect the finished copies from us or we will deliver, for which there is a flat charge of £7.

* (We can also copy from originals on analogue Video8 or Hi8, Digital8, S-VHS (Super VHS) or S-VHS ET and Mini DV.

The economics for video (without Gift Aid) work out like this.........
Net income to School or Charity

Number of Copies sold

Price to Parents

Total Net Income after duplication costs



















If you might be interested in using our service please Download the Provisional Details Form and send it to us as an attachment to your email to us to register your interest.
Please don't leave it until just before the event, or it is difficult for us to plan.
In busy periods we give priority to those who booked our services early.

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Video duplicationHints and Tips for making and selling a successful video of a school production

  • Try and video the first performance, then you can come back on the next night if there was a problem.
  • Book a space in the hall for your tripod before all the chairs are set out.
  • Make sure nobody is going to be kicking or leaning against your tripod.
  • Check you have a clear view of all the stage - allow for the tall parent who sits in the front row!
  • You may need to be on a low table, etc. to get some extra height.
  • Try to avoid being next to the prompter or other loud source of noise (crying baby, drummer, caterers preparing the tea next door, etc.).
  • If a PA system is not being used don't be too far back or you will lose the sound. Use a good mike if you have one, as the children's voices usually go soft on the night!
  • Ensure you have access to a power point (extension lead if necessary) rather than relying on camera batteries
  • Check for any backlighting problems, such as bright windows
  • Include a note that videos will be available in aid of ...... in the school newsletter that advertises the event
  • Put out order forms on the chairs in good time before the audience arrives, and have spare forms available.
  • Ask the Director for at least an outline of the action beforehand (get the full script if you can) - know where the action will take place and where lead actors will be when they speak.
  • If possible attend the dress rehearsal and take some check shots.
  • Check where and when there will be entrances.
  • Consider starting with a shot of the programme's front cover, or use the camera's title generator.
  • Start recording early - don't have your camera coming up to speed as the first children enter.
  • Concentrate on closeups of faces - people want to see their child more than the overall scene.
  • Avoid all rapid zooms and pans - move slowly along the rows of faces during a song.
  • Try and include every individual in close up at some time.
  • Hold a camera position where everyone will walk through the shot as they enter or leave the stage.
  • Be on the look out for the actor who misbehaves! A fight amongst the angels makes good video and records the atmosphere for ever!
  • Don't join in the singing while filming, or you will dominate the camera's mike.
  • Find out where the Head will be standing for the closing speech so you can include it.
  • Have several people with clipboards, biros, spare order forms, loose change and money bags available to take orders at the end of the performance.
  • When copying to DVD from the camera allow a good length of leader.

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